Shakespeare as a Cottonwood Tree

Why do people feel driven to create something? Either they want to answer a question they can’t resolve without a pen and paper (or computer) or they want to tell us something that can’t be expressed without an agile paintbrush or mixed media, or they want to share aural excitement, using their voice, musical instruments, electronic synthesizers or all three. Word written by pen were the lifeblood of Shakespeare. We can still hear the flow, the pulse, the intermingling of themes as if he himself were that of which he wrote. Being human, he wrote of all of us but from such an unusually deep and primal level that his plays and sonnets reverberate in human hearts and minds today. Shakespeare does not translate well. Something very essential fails to come through. I think it is the beat, the pulse, the life rhythm by which Shakespeare makes his characters’ speeches penetrate our psyche. He’s not merely being poetic and dramatic about his characters and their dilemmas, he is disseminating and inseminating his audience at the same time. It is as if he is the tallest cottonwood in the forest and every little downy seed of his writings has the potential to land within and sprout within all of us. Have others reached that level? Can others reach it? I WONDER. DO YOU?


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