To blog or Not to Blog

This is in response to “bottledworder”‘s question: do writers have choices? Of course. And one of them is, to blog, which is easier and takes a lot less time than writing a novel. Taken together, it is likely that any one writer’s blogs add up to a novel. Given enough entries, if you read them consistently, you are reading the story of a specific person’s life. Or you are reading, on the other hand, the story of what interests a particular person, which informs that person’s life as well as his blogs. It depends on how much the writer says directly, and how much he puts his interests out there and lets you connect the dots.

On the other hand, the novel is not narcissistic unless it is the old-fashioned bildungsroman I studied in college, the story of a youth, male or female, growing into adulthood. These are often the first novel published after college, because a person that age doesn’t have much to talk about except himself, but the next novel either will follow the same pattern and discuss his or her career and relationships, or it will gel in a different way and incorporate a lot of characters who are not the writer per se.

The older you get and the more experience you live through – the good, the bad and the ugly – the more grist you have for your writer’s mill. It won’t fit intoa blog. Compress it as you will into “g,b,& u”, for example, it still doesn’t fit because it is too condensed to express anything. The novel, the stage play, the screenplay can take that kind of complexity and run with it. Throw all those crazy characters together and let them blog each other onstage and in person. What fun!

So in some cases, bloggers are writers who are trying their wings but soon will fly into a larger environment. Others will be so successful as bloggers, writing on a personal level to which many other people connect, that they will have no reason to change their pattern. There’s plenty of room for both of them, thank heavens! Will still more methods of communication emerge in our lifetimes? I WONDER. DO YOU?


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